You don’t funk with dem cookies and cocoa


I am the Academic Resource Coordinator for Milnes and Chinnock Hall at the University of Wisconsin – Stout. For this job I am required to hold a “study night” once a week. I bribe the students with cookies and cocoa in order to study. But I needed to get word out about this weekly event, so an advertisement was in order. I decided to experiment more with illustration and create some B.A. cookies and cocoa. I have to continuously print off more and rehang them up due to theft so they must be a success. BLING BLING.

The Classic College Student Dinner, with Class


College students have become notorious for ramen noodles. The cheap price and ease of preparation make it the ideal meal for students with little money and busy schedules. While eating ramen noodles may be a sacrifice for many it doesn’t mean the design of the packaging should also be sacrificed.

For my 3-D Modeling and Animation class last semester we were assigned the task of designing packaging and modeling it in 3-D. It was a quick project. I designed and modeled, and turned it in within two days.


My name is Colin Schye. I am a designer and photographer that recently graduated from the School of Art and Design at the University of Wisconsin - Stout. I graduated from the Multimedia Design program with a minor in Applied Photography. I am currently working as a Designer at Morsekode in Minneapolis.

As an artist in today’s society, I use my surroundings paired with my eye for detail to create art in many different ways. From drawing to technologically based art, my passions exceed far beyond the scope of normality. Relying solely on one type of medium does not satisfy my craving for originality and creativity. Gaining inspiration from different environments and people and the feelings they evoke is what gives my work a unique feel. My style is constantly changing as I experience different aspects of life and thus my artwork is always adapting to reflect these changes.

My work efficiently combines the usability and functionality of design with the beauty and marvel of art. I strive to create pieces that are clean and simple, yet appealing and memorable. By doing so, I leave my audience with a lasting impression that encompasses not only my passion but also my values in life. Working with different mediums, I am able to design truly unique pieces. My designs have evolved through exploration and instruction. They will continue evolving so long as I am determined to see past the initial, and most obvious, view of the world.